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Physical Education

The Physical Education program is designed to help students develop motor, dance, fitness and social skills. Activities emphasize maximum participation, learning, and development of a positive self-esteem.

kids snowshoeing

Each Physical Education class is usually split into three parts. The first is a warm-up to give the students a chance to increase their heart rate. These warm-ups include locomotor skills, relays, and fitness activities. The second part of class is the instruction. This is where the students learn how to perform a skill. These range from kicking to striking to dance. The last part of class is usually reserved for some type of game. Some examples include fox and squirrels, cookie jar, and survivor. We are sure to get lots of exercise, learn new things, and have fun!

In health, we focus on four topics. They are safety, active lifestyle, functions of the body, and physical fitness. We use a program called the Great Body Shop to help teach the lessons. We also do experiments, watch videos, and use puppets to enhance the curriculum. The students enjoy learning how to stay healthy.

There are many special events that go hand in hand with the PE/Health curriculum. One event is our annual Jump Rope for heart event. The school raises money for the American Heart Association and second graders participate in a jump-a-thon to raise awareness. Students also participate in mileage clubs weekly. The school participates in a walk outside to earn toe tokens. ACES (All children exercise simultaneously) day is in May. The whole school exercises together for 20 minutes. Afterwards there is a healthy snack. The end of the year brings our annual field day. There are stations set up outside and the children play and have lots of fun.

One thing is for sure, the students are active and learn each day about healthy habits. Keep up the great work kids!