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Primary Schools Music Program

The music program, through participation and discussion, focuses on developing an understanding and appreciation for a variety of basic skills including beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, instruments and ensembles.

kids in music class surrounding keyboard

Classes in music are designed to offer young students a variety of experiences leading toward an understanding of music through listening, internalizing a feeling for beat and rhythm, singing with proper tone and pitch, and understanding harmonic textures and tone color through playing a variety of instruments in groups or individually. As an understanding of music grows, students are given opportunities to express themselves through performance, both in casual classroom settings and in public venues such as the annual spring concert in the high school auditorium and the Terrific Kids ceremony in the school gymnasium. As they gradually develop musical skills they are encouraged to work with simple notation in order to learn how to read and perform music at a beginning level. They are also afforded opportunities to enjoy music as audience members through experiences such as Kinderkonzerts and film or DVD presentations of important musical stories such as The Nutcracker and Peter and the Wolf.